Star Wars in Rickmansworth

  • Published May 10, 2013
  • By Nick Flint and Children of Maple Cross School

Lucas Films announced today it was to make Star Wars VII in the UK.   Previous Star Wars movies were made at Pinewood, Elstree, Ealing and Leavesdon Studios.  But perhaps the decision to continue making the movies in Britain was swayed by the work of Year 5 and 6 students from Maple Cross JMI school who recently made Star War films with a new starring robot called Roamer.  Ideally situated about 15 minutes drive from all the other studios Maple Cross nurtures the creative talents that make this part of the world a major centre for movie production.

When properly integrated into school work Roamer provides inspiration for normal school activity.  When Nick Flint from Maple Cross School in Hertfordshire told us he was using Roamer in a Star Wars theme which focussed on Design Technology and Writing, GO  just had to take a look.    Year 5 and 6 came together to create a Star Wars City and engage in a range of writing assignments.

On the very last day of Spring Term, Year 5/6 concluded their Star Wars themed project with a visit from Valiant Technology, the company behind our newly acquired Roamer robots. The children had to program the robots, and cast them in their own Star Wars based story. The story was to be set up in a Star Wars city that the children had designed and built themselves, and followed a literacy lesson in which they they had to persuade people to buy their Star Wars building under the auspice of ‘Vader & Sons Estate Agents’. The results are fabulous and the children had a great introduction to computer programming. Well done Year 5/6 – fabulos work!

Nick Flint School Blog Posted 8th May 2013

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Beyza Isik

On the last day of spring three people from the Roamer Company came. When they arrived we had already made our star wars city and it was ready for filming. Although it was ready we couldn’t film strait away because there was a lot we had to learn. So they taught us a menagerie of things about the buttons and how they work. WE LEARNT A LOT! Here are a few things we learnt…

  • How to make them make talk to each other and make them make noises
  • How to make them do high pitch or low pitch • How to make them change volume
  • How to make them turn in the amount we want When we learnt these things we started to program the extremely clever Roamers so that it could act out our short film.

However it wasn’t that easy because we had to do a lot of planning and film it over and over again to make sure it was as good as it can be. As soon as it was the best it could have been we took a big cheer because at last we had achieved the goal we had been after and we couldn’t wait to see how good our film was. Then that day came the day just after the holidays we got to watch our short nevertheless fantastic films. It was all really short but there was one thing that was obvious we all enjoyed it a lot and thought it was brilliant. I would definitely advise it to every single school in the Hertfordshire. How would you like it if you could experience such a wonderful and fun activity? I think that you would love it. I loved it and that’s why if I could I would call them here over and over again and I would experience this over and over again. You might think I’m mad liking this so much but trust me it’s worth every word I say and if they come to your school one day you’ll understand why I’m trying to convince you so much. So there’s only one more thing to say “IT WAS ABSOLUNTLY BRILLIANT!”

Roamer, Educational Robot, Teaching with Robots, TWR, Valiant Technology, STEM















Roamer, Educational Robot, Valiant Technology, Teaching with Robots, TWR, STEM

Roamer provided motivation and a focus. A couple of students went on the school blog during the Easter break and wrote about the session. This is the first time they have ever done anything like that, and to do it in the holiday was even more remarkable.

Nick Flint

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