Roamer in Canada

  • Published September 7, 2013
  • By Paul Klintworth

Valiant robots have a long history in Canada. The Turtle appeared in London, Ontario circa 1985, this was followed by Classic Roamer® and now Paul Klintworth starts reporting on the new Roamer’s debut at the Wentwrorth Campus, Collingwood School, Vancouver and his plans for integrating into the school’s curriculum.

Roamer, Valiant Technology, Educational Robots

Recently our Senior Leadership Team decided to give a strong impetus to developing a robotics program at our school, so I was delighted to research various options for our younger pupils. The new Roamer had been in development over many years so I was eager to add it to our available floor robots (two very elderly Classic Roamers and four Pro-Bots) once it was available.

I ordered the Junior pack, comprising five Roamer Too floor robots and supporting materials. Our Roamer bots made a grand entrance at our Science Expo Assembly in May. The students produced an excellent dancing robot performance with 5 Roamers.

Dancing Roamers

Our initial reaction to the latest educational is very positive. Here are some quotes from our Grade Five pupils.

“They’re cool!… I liked using pens with it to draw shapes.” Derrick

“It was fun. I liked controlling the speed.” Siah.

“I liked programming Roamer Too. It was fun when we made a formation dance with five of them.” Soham

“I liked how it could go very fast. You can program it to do dances.” Daniel.

The younger pupils loved the audio feedback and soon became used to inputting basic commands. Our grade five pupils especially appreciated setting the variable speed as they had become frustrated with the slow pace of our other floor robots.

Roamer, Educational Robot, Valiant Technology

This year I’m looking forward to integrating the Roamer into the curriculum, and excited about seeing how creative our pupils can be with our floor robots – I’ll keep you posted!

Paul Klintworth is responsible for Technology Integration (JK – gr5)
Collingwood School,
West Vancouver,
BC, Canada.
Collingwood School is an Independent School with 1250 pupils, JK – gr12

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