The Roamer User Group Magazine

The aim of this magazine is to share feature articles on anything that will help RUG Members get the most of out their Roamer equipment.   It will be a richer magazine if you or your students contribute.

Finding Articles

If you want to find a GO Article on a particular subject you can

History of GO

The  GO Maganzine was first published in January 1990.  It was a 4 page insert in a magazine sent free to schools.  The last issue of this paper format was April 1994.  In 2008 we revived the publication as an electronic newsletter.  Unfortunately, for all sorts of reasons, its publication has been erratic.  With the launch of the new Valiant web site and the simplicity of creating a blog, we hope to make its publication more frequent.  We are no longer constrained by the need to publish several articles at the same time, so we will endeavour to publish at least once a month.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.

The Original GO Articles

A good idea is a good idea, even if it was first done in 1990.  We plan to add slowly add all the previous GO Articles that refer to Roamer and Turtles.