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Roamer Crusoe

Learning About Survival Skills with Roamer

This is one from the 1992 archives.  Of course this was a prototype for Bear Grylls Survival TV Shows.  Dot Ginn was working on several Roamer design projects, here she reported on one of them.  How does Roamer survive if stranded on a desert island. (more…)

Why Did Roamer Cross the Road?

  • Published September 10, 1991
  • By Sue Podmore, Bramford Primary School, Ipswich

How to make road safety lessons interesting was the challenge facing Mrs Lesley Podmore, deputy head teacher at Bramford County Primary School in Ipswich. While she was attending a course organised by Suffolk County Council Road Safety Department, she saw the potential of the Roamer. When she mentioned the idea to Martin Andrew, who was running the course, he offered to help her set up some projects. GO visited the school recently and found that the children had developed some interesting applications. (more…)

The Continuing Adventures of Myrtle the Turtle

  • Published January 29, 1990
  • By admin

Geometry Microworld Part I was published by Valiant Technology in May 1986. Against a background story of Myrtle the Turtle travelling back in time and helping to invent geometry the Microworld presents a series of interesting Turtle activities. The next few issues of GO will publish Geometry Microworld Part II. (more…)