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Teaching Russian Children English

  • Published September 13, 2018
  • By Maggie Morrissey, Dave Catlin

Практические уроки английского языка с Roamer

This is the second article based on the ESL work of Maggie Morrissey in Russia.  It shows two ways she used to teach English to her students.  This first of these involved peer teaching: ten-year-old students taught five-year-olds how to Play Turtle.  The second method involved students using English to learn about Roamer and included writing user guides.  Some of this work reproduced the successful programme run by an Australian teacher using Classic Roamer.  She worked with children from various embassies in Canberra: she had to deal with 13 different languages and students with no English. (more…)

How Did World Cup Fever Win in Essex?

  • Published July 19, 2018
  • By Dave Catlin

RoamerWorld Cup Makes a Great Enrichment Day

The 2018 Football World Cup is over! We applaud the winners France and praise Russia for hosting a wonderful competition. The day after the final we took Roamer to Mark Hall Academy, Harlow, Essex. We held the RoamerWorld Cup with a group of students aged 12 to 15 as part of their enrichment day. (more…)

Take Advantage of the World Cup

  • Published June 21, 2018
  • By Dave Catlin

Piggybacking on to Enthusiasms is Always a Good Idea

Once again four years have flown by and a new World Cup has started in Russia.  Even better, England won a game.  You may hate football, but you can’t deny the passions and emotions it creates for many people including your students.  Why not harness their enthusiasm with a set of Roamer challenges?  Roamer has a talent for connecting with student interests.


How to Engage 14 Year-Old Students with Mathematics

  • Published May 18, 2018
  • By Dave Catlin

Using Roamer to Explore Islamic Art

Turtle type Robots have always connected to mathematics education; this event with learners from the East London Science School showed why. Computer science teacher Vivita Sequeira invited Roamer to London’s East End to play with over eighty 14-year old students.  Although invented in London this is the story of Roamer’s day trip to another planet.


How Did Roamer Do at Amazing Robot Exhibition?

  • Published November 14, 2017
  • By Kate Hudson

Roamer Met Old Friends an Made New Ones

When the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry hosted the Robot Exhibition they invited Roamer to take part in their family active zone.   Find out why Roamer became a big hit and how it met some old friends among the visitors and awesome robots. (more…)