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RoamerMovie Premiers at the US Congress

  • Published April 23, 2016
  • By Dave Catlin

Oxon Hill Middle School Make Roamer a Star

I have visited schools all over the world.  From the poverty of South African Township schools to the richness of Newport Beach schools in California.  I have worked with teachers overwhelmed and struggling to make progress and high achieving institutes in Shanghai and Singapore.  Now and then I came across a school worthy of special mention.  Oxon Hill Middle School is such a place.


Robotic Performing Arts

  • Published March 15, 2012
  • By Dave Catlin

Roamer Brings Arts and STEM Together

The Robotic Performing Arts™ Project has its roots back in the launch of the Classic Roamer in 1989. We made a video in Southmead Primary School, Wimbledon, South London. In this article Dave Catlin fast forwards 20 years and presents a powerful project idea. (more…)

Roamer Crusoe

Learning About Survival Skills with Roamer

This is one from the 1992 archives.  Of course this was a prototype for Bear Grylls Survival TV Shows.  Dot Ginn was working on several Roamer design projects, here she reported on one of them.  How does Roamer survive if stranded on a desert island. (more…)