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Introducing Roamer Sensors

  • Published November 6, 2014
  • By Marcus Topham and Dave Catlin

Make Roamer Come Alive

This feature was first published in April 1991.  In it teacher Marcus Topham explains how sensors transform the capabilities of a robot.  In the original article Marcus explained what sensors mean to a robot and how where you find sensors in the animal world and in machines and some suggestions of how to introduce sensors to children.  Of course things since those days the “connected world” has arrived and sensors are everywhere.  However, the basic ideas behind sensors has not changed, so we have taken the opportunity to update the article.


Going to School in Disneyland

  • Published November 24, 2008
  • By Kenton Morrison

Roamer in Disney Imagineerium

Evergreen  Elementary  School  is  on  the  US  Fort  Lewis  US  Army  in Washington State.  In 2004 one of their Kindergarten teachers Jeffrey Thompson  won  the Disney  Foundation  Teacher  of  the  Year  Award.   This  brought  the  Army  and  Disney  together  to  build a  very  unique school.    Evergreen  teacher  Kenton  Morrison  describes  his  school  and how Roamer helps solve its unique problems.


A Map for Roamer

  • Published June 13, 1992
  • By Year 1 and 2 children, St Aiden's School, St Helens

Built Environment Project

The children in Year 1 and 2 at St. Aidan’s C of E Primary School, Clock-Face, St. Helens were very excited when Roamer joined their class after the Christmas holidays. Soon a group of the Year 2 children decided that Roamer needed his own town to explore and so decided to make him his very own road mat. (more…)

Roamer Crusoe

Learning About Survival Skills with Roamer

This is one from the 1992 archives.  Of course this was a prototype for Bear Grylls Survival TV Shows.  Dot Ginn was working on several Roamer design projects, here she reported on one of them.  How does Roamer survive if stranded on a desert island. (more…)

Roamer as a Vehicle for Design Education in Schools

  • Published September 6, 1991
  • By Ron Jones

Creating Roamer Characters Meets Art and Design Needs

“Despite the relatively short time the Valiant Roamer has been available as a classroom tool, it has already begun to make an important contribution to the education of the nation’s children. With Valiant’s Design Pack, Roamer is set fair to make an even greater contribution in the 1990’s..” Ron Jones, School Inspector for IT with Lincolnshire Local Education Authority. In this article Ron looks at the design capability of the Roamer. (more…)