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Roamer in Emergency Life Saving Dash to the Hospital

  • Published December 24, 2016
  • By Michael Raby

Roamer Rescues a Student from West Elementary School, Arcadia, Florida

When a 4th Grade student started to choke on a chicken bone her friends programmed Roamer to make a dramatic life-saving dash to the hospital.  Teacher and Roamer enthusiast Michael Raby set this and other problems for his students to solve in a wonderfully playful lesson. (more…)

Roamer Scratch Interface

  • Published June 5, 2015
  • By Dave Catlin and Andrew Csizmadia

You Can Now Program Roamer from Scratch

Valiant Technology started working with educational robots in 1983. In those days people used Logo to program Turtles. Now you can use Roamer ScratchX to program Roamer. In this article I explain how it makes an ideal partnership.


Paper Clips to Silicon Chips

Using Roamer in a Class of Normal and Partially-Sighted Students

An article in the last issue of “GO”, about Penny Gay’s work with visually-impaired children at the National Mobility Centre in Birmingham, prompted a response from Mrs H N Syn, who has been using the Roamer with a mixed class of normal and partially-sighted children in Melbourne, Australia. (more…)