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Introducing Roamer Sensors

  • Published November 6, 2014
  • By Marcus Topham and Dave Catlin

Make Roamer Come Alive

This feature was first published in April 1991.  In it teacher Marcus Topham explains how sensors transform the capabilities of a robot.  In the original article Marcus explained what sensors mean to a robot and how where you find sensors in the animal world and in machines and some suggestions of how to introduce sensors to children.  Of course things since those days the “connected world” has arrived and sensors are everywhere.  However, the basic ideas behind sensors has not changed, so we have taken the opportunity to update the article.


Fleet Circus of Imagination

  • Published November 21, 1998
  • By Dave Catlin and Trevor Thomson

Maker Project Demonstrates Constructionism

This is not a Roamer or a robotic project. However, it does epitomises the constructivism teaching style that works best with Roamer. We got a call from Roamer enthusiast Trevor Thomson, head teacher of a small primary school in rural Lincolnshire. The Design Technology show invited Fleet School to show their work at the 1998 exhibition. His Year 6 Class (10 to 11 years old) would spend 3 days at the exhibition showing visitors the quality of their work. They had six weeks to put their display together. The children decided they wanted create circus full of automata. Right from the start their imagination outstripped their knowledge. Trevor didn’t know either, but he never let that stop him – he sought help. They had worked with us on Roamer projects in the past and now used our Inventa Design and Make product. Trevor called for our help. So began one of the most amazing, and for me inspiring and illuminating experiences.


Roamer Control Box Applications

  • Published May 18, 1993
  • By Desi Donnely

Desi Donnelly, Advisory Teacher for the South Eastern Education and Library Board, Northern Ireland, is a great exponent of the Roamer and Roamer control. Here he passes on some ideas that he has developed through his work with teachers and pupils. (more…)

Roamer Design Competition Key Stage 2

  • Published October 15, 1992
  • By Kate Hudson

The Roamer Design Competition culminated in displays set up by children from around Britain at the Science Museum, London. In the last issue of GO we looked at the Key Stage 1 finalists. This edition concentrates on the Key Stage 2 finalists. (more…)

Roamer Design Competition Keystage 1

  • Published September 15, 1992
  • By Kate Hudson

On June 10, schools from around Britain converged on The Science Museum, London, to take part in the finals of the Roamer Design Competition. This issue of GO looks at the Key Stage 1 (5 and 7 years-old) finalists (more…)