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Going to School in Disneyland

  • Published November 24, 2008
  • By Kenton Morrison

Roamer in Disney Imagineerium

Evergreen  Elementary  School  is  on  the  US  Fort  Lewis  US  Army  in Washington State.  In 2004 one of their Kindergarten teachers Jeffrey Thompson  won  the Disney  Foundation  Teacher  of  the  Year  Award.   This  brought  the  Army  and  Disney  together  to  build a  very  unique school.    Evergreen  teacher  Kenton  Morrison  describes  his  school  and how Roamer helps solve its unique problems.


Wandering Star Part 1

Using Roamer in Special Needs Classrooms

Maggie Wagstaff is an Advisory Teacher for Information Technology (IT)and Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Warwickshire. She says, “I’ve got the good fortune to be working in all the MLD (mild learning difficulties)and SLD (severe learning difficulties) schools in in the county.” In this the first of two GO Articles, she describes her experience using Roamer.