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Introducing Roamer Sensors

  • Published November 6, 2014
  • By Marcus Topham and Dave Catlin

Make Roamer Come Alive

This feature was first published in April 1991.  In it teacher Marcus Topham explains how sensors transform the capabilities of a robot.  In the original article Marcus explained what sensors mean to a robot and how where you find sensors in the animal world and in machines and some suggestions of how to introduce sensors to children.  Of course things since those days the “connected world” has arrived and sensors are everywhere.  However, the basic ideas behind sensors has not changed, so we have taken the opportunity to update the article.


Robotic Performing Arts

  • Published March 15, 2012
  • By Dave Catlin

Roamer Brings Arts and STEM Together

The Robotic Performing Arts™ Project has its roots back in the launch of the Classic Roamer in 1989. We made a video in Southmead Primary School, Wimbledon, South London. In this article Dave Catlin fast forwards 20 years and presents a powerful project idea. (more…)

Hazardous Spherical Objects

  • Published May 1, 1991
  • By Keith Farley-Pettman

Roamer Cleans Up Danger

Roamer may first appear in the nursery but King Edward VI School are discovering it is capable of providing exciting and challenging projects for older pupils. Head of CDT, Keith Farley-Pettman has set the problem below for his year 9 students. Their solution was published in the next issue of GO.  Here we combine both problem and solution.  This is a Classic Roamer Activity, which is still relevant and feasible with the latest Roamer. (more…)