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Going to the Seaside

  • Published August 15, 2016
  • By Dave Catlin

Roamer Helps Solve Callous Murder Mystery

On the 2nd July Roamer went to support the Waves of Change Conference, held at The Crystal in London’s Docklands.  The conference gathered to promote peace and discuss the issue of water conservation.  Roamer engaged around 40 delegates in a Murder Mystery Game, aimed at highlighting the issues of water supply and water pollution.  A few days later we visited St Ignatius College, Enfield.  Once again Roamer proved adept at prompting adults and students to think about issues our children will face in the future. (more…)

A Map for Roamer

  • Published June 13, 1992
  • By Year 1 and 2 children, St Aiden's School, St Helens

Built Environment Project

The children in Year 1 and 2 at St. Aidan’s C of E Primary School, Clock-Face, St. Helens were very excited when Roamer joined their class after the Christmas holidays. Soon a group of the Year 2 children decided that Roamer needed his own town to explore and so decided to make him his very own road mat. (more…)

Roamer Crusoe

Learning About Survival Skills with Roamer

This is one from the 1992 archives.  Of course this was a prototype for Bear Grylls Survival TV Shows.  Dot Ginn was working on several Roamer design projects, here she reported on one of them.  How does Roamer survive if stranded on a desert island. (more…)