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Roamer Routemaster

  • Published January 31, 2015
  • By Students of Kingsdale Foundation School Maths Club, Edward Otenio, Dave Catlin

…Or Roamer and the Clapham Omnibus

When movie makers want to tell their audience they are in London they flash a few images on screen like Tower Bridge, Big Ben or London’s famous red buses – the Routemaster.  The bus is such an integral part of London life the phrase “the man on the Clapham Omnibus” has become a legal term meaning a well educated, reasonable person.  Clapham Common is 5 minutes from Valiant’s office and it is also on London’s South Circular Road which leads to Kingsdale Foundation School in Dulwich.  It was there that the gifted mathematical students of Year 9 used Roamer in an after school project: Designing and Modelling Bus Routes. This is their report. (more…)

Mail Delivery Roamer

  • Published February 10, 1992
  • By Pete Jowette

Pete Jewett, a Technology teacher at Burntwood School, Tooting, introduced the Classic Roamer to a group of 14 year olds. They used Lego to transform Roamer into a robot to collect the mail for oldd peoplle. Here he documents this design technology project.


Hazardous Spherical Objects

  • Published May 1, 1991
  • By Keith Farley-Pettman

Roamer Cleans Up Danger

Roamer may first appear in the nursery but King Edward VI School are discovering it is capable of providing exciting and challenging projects for older pupils. Head of CDT, Keith Farley-Pettman has set the problem below for his year 9 students. Their solution was published in the next issue of GO.  Here we combine both problem and solution.  This is a Classic Roamer Activity, which is still relevant and feasible with the latest Roamer. (more…)