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Teaching Russian Children English

  • Published September 13, 2018
  • By Maggie Morrissey, Dave Catlin

Практические уроки английского языка с Roamer

This is the second article based on the ESL work of Maggie Morrissey in Russia.  It shows two ways she used to teach English to her students.  This first of these involved peer teaching: ten-year-old students taught five-year-olds how to Play Turtle.  The second method involved students using English to learn about Roamer and included writing user guides.  Some of this work reproduced the successful programme run by an Australian teacher using Classic Roamer.  She worked with children from various embassies in Canberra: she had to deal with 13 different languages and students with no English. (more…)

Roamer and English as a Second Language

  • Published January 16, 2015
  • By Maggie Morrissey

Roamer Starts to Show its Potential with Language Learning

EAL, ESOL, ESL… there is a bewildering number of acronyms which cover the teaching of English as a second language.  Many years ago a teacher in Canberra, the capital of Australia had a classroom full of children from various Foreign Embassies.  She literally had to cope with something like 13 different languages and children who spoke virtually no English.  In the first of several articles Maggie Morrissey explains how she use Roamer to teach her young Russian students English.  This article is also published by Maggie on the Technology to Teach web site. (more…)