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Paper Clips to Silicon Chips

  • Published February 17, 1991
  • By Dave Catlin

Using Roamer in a Class of Normal and Partially-Sighted Students

An article in the last issue of “GO”, about Penny Gay’s work with visually-impaired children at the National Mobility Centre in Birmingham, prompted a response from Mrs H N Syn, who has been using the Roamer with a mixed class of normal and partially-sighted children in Melbourne, Australia. (more…)

Roamer in Space

  • Published January 30, 1990
  • By Dave Catlin

Using Roamer with the Visually Impaired

The National Mobility Centre in Birmingham has been using the Roamer to help visually impaired children understand space. The following piece is an extract from an article by Penny Gay, a Peripatetic Support Teacher for the Cornwall Advisory Service for Visually Impaired Children. It is published in full in the British Journal of Visual Impairment. (more…)