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Roamer with Hearing Impaired Children 2

Bernagh Young here concludes the article about her work at Cheriton Hearing Impaired Unit, Folkestone, that was started in the last issue of GO. (more…)

Wandering Star Part 1

Using Roamer in Special Needs Classrooms

Maggie Wagstaff is an Advisory Teacher for Information Technology (IT)and Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Warwickshire. She says, “I’ve got the good fortune to be working in all the MLD (mild learning difficulties)and SLD (severe learning difficulties) schools in in the county.” In this the first of two GO Articles, she describes her experience using Roamer.


Roamer with Hearing Impaired Children 1

Bernagh Young teaches deaf children at Cheriton Hearing Impaired Unit, Folkestone.  She has found that Roamer stimulates the children to respond and actively engage in communication.


Special Needs Turtle

A Switch to Drive the Valiant  Turtle

Through her work as an IT adviser in Solihull, Lin Hopkins became aware of the need for a program to drive the Valiant Turtle that could be operated by a switch. Here she explains how and why the program was developed and its successes. (more…)

Paper Clips to Silicon Chips

Using Roamer in a Class of Normal and Partially-Sighted Students

An article in the last issue of “GO”, about Penny Gay’s work with visually-impaired children at the National Mobility Centre in Birmingham, prompted a response from Mrs H N Syn, who has been using the Roamer with a mixed class of normal and partially-sighted children in Melbourne, Australia. (more…)