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Introducing Roamer Sensors

  • Published November 6, 2014
  • By Marcus Topham and Dave Catlin

Make Roamer Come Alive

This feature was first published in April 1991.  In it teacher Marcus Topham explains how sensors transform the capabilities of a robot.  In the original article Marcus explained what sensors mean to a robot and how where you find sensors in the animal world and in machines and some suggestions of how to introduce sensors to children.  Of course things since those days the “connected world” has arrived and sensors are everywhere.  However, the basic ideas behind sensors has not changed, so we have taken the opportunity to update the article.


Introducing Classic Roamer as a Control Device

  • Published January 1, 1990
  • By Dave Catlin

Make Roamer Even Smarter

At first sight the Roamer is a friendly little robot that runs around the floor in more outfits than Imelda Marcos. There is, however, another side to this giant “Smartie with brains”. With the addition of the Roamer Control Box it changes from an intelligent pet to a sophisticated control device capable of introducing control work to the primary class or setting challenges to secondary children. In a series of articles Marcus Topham Senior IT Development Officer with Bradford LEA takes a look at these Roamer features. (more…)